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History Reference Center

The world's most extensive full-text history reference database.

Encyclopedia Britannica Library

This encyclopedic resource offers three separate sites for children, young adults, and older patrons.

Learn about other countries

Kanopy Kids is a video streaming platform for libraries .

Daily Life Though History

Log in for fascinating facts like: if you were wealthy and fell ill during the Middle Ages, you might be given medicine made with gold.

CultureGrams for Kids

State and country projects made easy, no typing necessary. Travel the world through videos, recipes, photo gallery, and famous people.
Brain's left and right hemisphere

Khan Academy

Videos and practice exercises to help with math, science, history and more.

World Book Encyclopedia

Includes more than 25,000 World Book Encyclopedia articles, edited to suit students from grades 4 through 12 and adults.
Brain's left and right hemisphere

Khan Academy

The world's most extensive full-text history reference database, featuring more than 1,620 reference books, encyclopedias and non-fictions.

Watch Nature Documentaries on Kanopy Kids

Kanopy Kids is a video streaming platform featuring hundreds of educational and entertaining children's videos available to stream.

11 Books on the Fight for Educational Justice

The education system in America has been failing its most vulnerable populations. This booklist sheds light on these injustices.

Fascinating People You Might Not Know

Enjoy this mix of unusual, exceptional, and, in some cases, lesser known people. Note that some of these books have only limited copies.

100 Kindergarten Level Books with African Americans

Books with Black characters or written by Black authors.

Dig deeper: Archaeology and ancient civilizations

Archaeologists learn about the past by excavating sites and studying the artifacts they find.

Books for Kids Who Hate To Read

For the kids who would rather eat broccoli, brussel sprouts, and worms (COMBINED!) before they would read a book.

Explorers at Play: Books for Ages 6 to 8

Be an Explorer at Play! Use your brain to read, discover, create and play. Here are some books to get you started reading and playing.
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